Our Philosophy

Over the years, Student and Youth Travel Organization (SYTO) has adopted its philosophy and framework in other African countries: Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo and Burkina Faso. Though the set-ups in these countries run independently in their own territories, they however contact the founding country, Ghana, before making any major decisions with any major implementations initiated from Ghana
SYTO is also  sensitive to and respectful of the needs and desires of the communities in which it works. We work using a ground up approach to our programmes. We believe that the local people are the experts on the requirements and aspirations of the community. In order to make our participants' stay truly worthwhile and meaningful, the communities in which they are placed are consulted continually. Ideas for projects and placements are founded and directed by local people.  
For the programmes to be successful the work we do must be relevant to the community and its needs. We, therefore, believe it is essential to involve the community throughout and our aim is to help them to achieve their own goals. Being a Ghana based organisation, SYTO is able to ensure that its Volunteer Projects are relevant to the community at which they are aimed and are not directive or prescriptive ideas given by foreigners or those who are unfamiliar with the country and community. By working in this close partnership, we aim to provide a mutually beneficial experience for both the participants and the local communities in which they are involved.


  • To promote a two way exchange among young people with focus on education, culture and social travel to increase international understanding and harmony
  • To further the interests of Student and Youth Travel Organisations in relation to UNESCO and other similar international travel organizations
  • To provide support services to international students on work, accommodation, travel activities for the budget traveler within the offices of SYTO network
  • To increase and develop the co-ordination of educational and work exchange programs among the youth, students and educational organizations worldwide.
  • To provide the traveling student a single uniform document accepted around the world as proof of full time student status.
  • To target children, Students of all ages and youth under 25 years of age.
  • To focus on Cultural, Educational Linguistic and work exchange programs.


  • We believe in striving for excellence and effective collaboration to achieve its aims
  • We have the individual regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, race and religion.
  • We believe in transparency
  • We believe in honesty and Integrity

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