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SYTO Ghana Summer Work and Travel Programs

SYTO Ghana’s Youth Exchange Programs are sponsored by CIEE USA, the world’s biggest organization in running program of its kind. These programs are designed in a way to benefit students, fresh graduates and young professionals from Ghana.

The programs provide a platform for students, fresh graduates and young professionals to receive practical training at the USA Based companies while experiencing life in the United States. Participants also acquire cross-cultural working skills while earning an income.  

Over 100 students have successfully participated in the Summer Work and Travel Program alone within a period of three years. We project to send more than 100 in 2020 and 2021 summer placement seasons alone. 

Qualification criteria

SYTO Ghana’s Summer Work and Travel USA program is available to all Ghanaian students who are over 18 years of age and full-time students in an accredited tertiary institution. These students must also be in their second or third years of study.  

Students and fresh graduates who completed their courses in no more than 12 months are also qualified to apply for the Internship and Professional Career Training Programs.

All prospective applicants are required to possess satisfactory English communication skills; to enable them fit well into the new working environment and housing in the United States.

So, if you meet the above minimum requirement; that’s great, look out for an opening date to apply to join the next cohort of participants.

Professional Recruitment   

SYTO Ghana experienced team will take you through the recruitment stage in a professional manner. Pre-screening will help the team satisfy themselves that you meet the minimum criteria to participate in the program. The team will further assess your English Language proficiency skills including your communication skills and ability to integrate in a different culture in a foreign country.

Adequate Preparation

We spend time to prepare you adequately to help you enjoy your stay in the USA. We apply mainly technology to make the process hassle-free and timely. The application of technology further ensures that your preparation does not disrupt your academic activities on campus.

The preparation involves the team helping you to complete your visa application online, support you to attend the interview at the US Embassy in Accra and offering you a thorough orientation both in Ghana and in the United States.


Support from Start to Finish

SYTO Ghana and Sponsor, CIEE provide you with unmatched support services from the beginning to the end of your program placement. We support you to acquire pre-arranged work placement, host home and USA visa. SYTO team also assists you to acquire a round-trip airline ticket. So you need not to worry once you enroll in any of our programs.

Suitable Duration

Your stay/placement during your Summer Work and Travel program will last for a maximum period of 4 months. You depart Ghana in May and return in early September to start your new academic year.  

Applicants who enroll in the Internship and Professional Career Training programs span a period between 3 months to 18 months.  These are sufficient periods help you learn new skills; while making money for yourself.

Participants are required to return to Ghana after the expiration of their program duration in the United States. 

Application Opening

Applications for the 2021 placements are open from 1st September to 31st January, 2021.Log on to SYTO Ghana website and complete your application form. That’s the first step to be part of this great life-changing opportunity.

Further Details

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